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Sydney Street Choir

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Embracing Evaluation

Measuring the Social impact of the sydney Street Choir

The Project

This project aimed at building the capacity of the Sydney Street Choir to understand, measure and report on the social impact of its program. Funded by the PAYCE Foundation, this project followed the Sydney Street Choir on their evaluation journey as they learned about social impact measurement, and utilised the tools and resources of the Social Impact Toolbox to develop their evaluation plan.

About the Choir

The Sydney Street Choir (SSC) is a supporting musical community, aimed at inspiring and empowering individuals experiencing hardship or disadvantage. The choir comes together each week to practice their singing, and prepare for performances that bring joy to one another and their audiences.

The choir was established in 2001 to help individuals navigating complex issues, including but not limited to; homelessness, mental illness, addiction and social
disadvantage. The choir supports these individuals through the power of song, and the community connectedness built through participation in the choir.

Members of the choir are invited to learn an instrument or join together in singing songs. During the weekly practices the members and volunteers share time together, enjoy a meal, and prepare for performances. The choir regularly perform in public, and have recorded several CDs, performed original theatre projects and collaborated with a number of celebrities. 

"This whole process has given us confidence. We are the ones that know what's happening in the choir, and we are the ones that can see the value. We feel we're the best ones to evaluate the choir."
Leonie Oakes
Sydney Street Choir - Welfare Worker