Welcome to the

Social Impact Toolbox

A toolbox that empowers organisations to
evaluate their social impact
in a way that is
reliable! accessible! Free!

When it comes to evaluating social impact only a minority of organisations in Australia are currently equipped to meet the expectations of funders and other stakeholders. We aim to build the capacity of the not-for-profit sector by making accessible the tools and methodologies needed to evaluate and communicate social impact. 

When we don’t evaluate the impact of our programs, we have no way of measuring whether or not the program achieved what it set out to do. We need a clear way of knowing when we have reached the finish line – because if we don’t know what we are measuring, we can’t measure it!

By building the capacity of the sector we can develop a common language, empower small to medium organisations, and take the anxiety and expense out of mastering the practice of evaluation. Use this toolbox to map to standardised frameworks, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

New to evaluation? No Problem!

Our free courses will introduce you to all you need to know in order to run an effective program evaluation.